What follows is a list of the most commonly asked questions we have  encountered at the MOVERAMA office or while on actual moves. Should you find that your particular question was not listed or answered to your satisfaction please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


-Is MOVERAMA an insured and bonded moving company?-

Yes we are a fully insured and bonded  moving company.


-My building requires a certificate of insurance for my move...Can you provide one?-

Yes we can. Please send over the instructions and the sample COI that you received from your building management and we will pass it along to our insurance provider.


-Can you contact my building management for me to obtain the information regarding my certificate of insurance?-

We cannot. It is the responsibility of the customer to forward us all information concerning certificates of insurance. 


-What forms of payment do you accept?-

We accept cash, credit card with a 3% service fee added or certified (bank) check made out to MOVERAMA L.L.C. We do not accept personal checks. 


-Can I pay for my move with a personal check?-

Sorry we cannot accept personal checks as payment.


-When is payment due?-

Payment is due at the completion of the move or at the end of each day on multi day moves.


-Do you require a deposit?-

Deposits are taken on a case by case basis and are generally reserved for larger jobs or moves scheduled for the beginnings/ends of the month.


-Do you have a cancellation policy?-

Cancellation requests that are received less than 7 days from a scheduled move date are subject to a two hour minimum charge or loss of deposit.


-Should I tip my movers?-

If you would like to tip your movers for their hard work and a job well done you are certainly encouraged to do so. Like any service work, tips for moving are not required but always greatly appreciated.


-How much should I tip each mover?-

This is completely up to you but the general etiquette seems to be around $10 per man, per hour.


-Do I need parking permits for my move?-

We encourage customers to acquire parking permits from the city for any move or building that is not a location with a loading dock.


-Can you get our moving permits for us?-

Sorry but  we do not apply for parking permits.


-How do I acquire parking permits?-

Please follow this link


-How much space is needed for the truck?-

40 Feet


-I posted the parking permit I need to still make sure no one parks in that space?-

Yes you should talk to your neighbors, place cones or trash cans etc in the space because people will still try and park there. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure truck parking is secured for their move.


-I didn't get parking permits...can you still move us?-

Yes. We will park as close to your location as possible and complete your move.


-I didn't get parking permits so can you block the street or park illegally to complete my move?-

Yes if it is safe or not in a bus route.


-Who pays for tickets/fines from parking illegally during my move?-

Any tickets/fines incurred during a move without parking permits or where cars are parked in the reserved space are added to the customers final bill.


-Can you pack and move me on the same day?-

Sorry we cannot. Packing services are always done on a separate day prior to your move date.


-Do you have packing supplies available for purchase?-

Yes we have boxes, tape, mattress bags, bubble wrap, packing paper etc. available for purchase at your request.


-Will you take boxes that aren't taped shut?-

We prefer not to because it makes packing the truck more difficult. Please tape all boxes well on the top and bottom. 


-Should I label my fragile boxes?-

If the item is fragile it should be marked as such.


-I packed these XL boxes on the floor and now I can't pick them up..can you guys move them?-

We most likely can but would ask that you do not overload boxes as far as weight is concerned. We are strong but we are also people not machines so please be kind and keep this in mind.


-I have a piano, gun safe, pool table, refrigerator, large appliance etc. that I need moved...can you move it?-

We can on a case by case basis and for an additional fee. Please let us know when booking to see how we can accommodate you.


-Can I leave my clothes in my dressers?-

We suggest removing all clothing from furniture and packing them into boxes whenever possible.


-What should I do with my hanging clothes?-

You can use heavy trash bags turned upside down with a hole poked in the top(the part that is normally the bottom) so the hooks of the hangers are exposed with the bag pulled down to protect the garments. Depending on the weight we suggest 5-10 hanging items in a bunch. We then hang the items on a strap across the inside of our truck just like they would be in a closet.

You can also use wardrobe boxes but keep in mind they take up a lot of space on the truck.


-Can you disassemble/reassemble my furniture?-

We can disassemble/reassemble most common furniture like beds, tables etc.


-Can you remove my windows and hoist my furniture?-

We can hoist furniture on a case by case basis  for an extra charge but we do not remove or reinstall windows.


-Can you remove/reinstall furniture or Tv's that are mounted to my walls?-

Sorry but we cannot mount or unmount anything to or from walls.


-Do I need to pack my flat screen in a box?-

You may if you wish or we can take it as is with no box. We will protect it with blankets and secure it on the truck so it arrives safely to your destination.


-Should I wrap or protect my pieces of glass, mirrors or paintings before the movers arrive?-

You may wrap and tape them in bubble wrap or blankets if you wish or we can take them as is. We will protect them with blankets and secure them on a wall in  the truck so they arrive safely to your destination.


-I have cans/buckets of paint or chemicals to be moved...can you load them onto the truck?-

Sorry but we cannot move paints or chemicals in our trucks.


-Do I have to remove my propane tank from my grill?-

Yes please remove your propane tank from your grill because by law we cannot carry any pressurized gas canisters on our moving trucks.


-Can you move my lawnmower or other gas powered tool?-

We can on a case by case basis but the Gas tank must be emptied and cleaned prior to the move.


-I have a question that I don't see listed here...can you answer it?-

Yes! Please contact us and we will help with any questions or concerns.